Ancient Shaddows, Power, and All Things Dettolized!

A Story that will keep you laughing at the eccentricities of these brilliant characters. It will have you sweating as you help keep the place clean; and it will have you jumping to attention when the Ward Sister calls your name, or the Chief Consultant enters to do his grand rounds!

In this ancient old building that looks like a fortress and it smelled of that major disinfectant everyone knew-Dettol. We were very clean.

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A Heart stops, Breathing ceases, all Vital Signs are absent! Then it was off to the medicine cabinet for a vial of Coramine, then grabbing the old heavy glass syringe and a 4" spinal needle, we raced back to the bedside.

Finding a spot over the heart between the ribs, we plunged in that spinal needle, pulled back on the plunger to see that glorious red blood, then pushed in that cardiac stimulant-coraline. It never worked, we never got a renewed heartbeat.....but we tried.

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Finest Nurses were Created.

6 days week sometimes, 10 to 12 hours aday frequently, and it was hard work. I would do it all again, we became really excellent, world class Nurses ready for everything in every country.

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This is a 'Must Buy' BOOK, this is History you can feel; you can touch it and both laugh & cry at it!


Been a NURSE? Want to be a NURSE? This IS Nursing, the very best.

Its the true story of my 4 years of studying, working, laughing and crying, from Cadet Nurse to Student Nurse in the years from 1955 to 1959. There were amazing things that happened, in that hospital which sat at the top of a hill overlooking the town, in Blackburn, Northern England.

The old fortress like hospital, with its many buildings, surrounded by fields and trees, was our classroom, all acute general wards, a geriatric hospital, a psychiatric hospital and a female nurses home. It was busy.

We became Masters of the Spinal Needles, we were good!

Medieval Instruments, Wheezing Old Geezers & the Adventure of a Male Nurse

A life..to 'save'! Knowledge & Experience & Action-do it.

Nursing and Medical Mysteries, one you have never heard of before! And Breakfast in Beards with 'Eureka' moments.

Read the book; to enjoy the happenings and antics, of these student nurses who would eventually go across the world with their skills.

Learn the intricacies, or follow the medical detective, the Epidemiologist as he scours everyone and everything. Meet our remarkably brilliant, yet bizarre and madly eccentric surgeon, who may have forgotten how to read. Characters real and very odd.

Discover how the Author, on an Archaeological Expedition across the world, in the massive Rub'al Khali desert, with a professor and his students from Yale, meets up with his senior student nurse-now in the RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corp), driving out of a mirage with the Oman Trucial Scouts, red and white Arab head-dress and all! Amazing, and still NURSES.