New Book, Just Published-June 2017.

'Lust, Love and Grace'

(Revelations that you may have a hard time believing, but true.)

A riveting true story of the tragic power of LUST!                                        It changes a smart, intelligent fellow into a person driven away from common sense, plunging into abject foolishness-where love was forsaken for Lust.

Heavens bright Light shone on this human despair, and brought an amazing LOVE into this mans', perhaps unworthy life. Yet through this true, wondrous love, came terrible physical and emotional pain. Despite this tragedy, a difficult promise was made.

GRACE, unmerited, freely given in abundance was bestowed on this life-again! That promise kept, brought yet another Love, unexpected that could only have been made at the foundation of the earth. Grace itself was that gift, Love again.